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National flag of Croatia

Flag of Croatia

Croatian flag description
   The flag of Croatia is a tricolour consisting of red, white, and blue horizontal bands with Croatian coat of arms (red and white checkered). The width of the flag is twice the height. It's colours are laid horizontally in the order red, white, blue.
Each colour fills one third of the height of the flag. The Croatian Coat of arms is placed in the centre of the flag. During the Croatian national renaissance, the traditional Ilirian jacket was made in three colours - red, white and blue, with the same three colours forming the main part of the uniform of Viceroy Josip Jelačić at his official inauguration in 1848.
The tri-coloured flag has been kept from those days with the order of red, white, blue. The flag symbolises the wish of the Croatian revivers for the uniting of Croatian lands.

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